Your Business and the Virtual Doorway

Arin Donelson    October 23, 2015 2:03 pm


Consumers find your business, interact with your business and review your business through many avenues online. We call this your virtual doorway.

It can be time consuming and overwhelming for a small business to keep up. Your digital footprint includes your website, Google +, social media platforms and review sites. There are so many ways a consumer can read and share the good, bad and ugly about your business, and you have to be ready and able to address all of it.If someone walked through the door of your brick-and-mortar business and told you that he or she had a terrible experience, what would you do? Would you ignore the person and walk away? No, you wouldn’t. Well, I hope you wouldn’t. As a reputable business owner, you would address the consumer’s concerns and complaints and rectify the situation.

Your virtual doorway includes both experience and research. Let’s look at how the buying cycle has changed.

A lot of times we hear businesses say their customers learned about them through word of mouth. Word of mouth is a force to be reckoned with online. Businesses need to find and use listening tools to help them know what is being said about their businesses and respond to it. We have a tool that helps you see your virtual doorway, listen to what is being said about your business, and respond to it all, the good and the bad. As a business owner, you simply can’t afford to ignore your virtual doorway.

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