What Can A Web Designer Do That I Can’t?

CyberInk Staff    April 30, 2015 5:34 pm


Creating a website entails cooperation and communication between the web designer and web developer. While a client may have a very specific idea of how the website should look, serving as the web designer for the project is much more intensive than one may realize and requires a solid base of knowledge to fill this role. A web designer must create a workable set of blueprints for each page of the website and provide feedback as the developer constructs it from the ground up. Once the coding is complete, the web designer then begins adding the design on top of the framework.


A web designer is responsible for many tasks and may work on a team of designers, depending on the size of the project. Typically, a web designer’s background encompasses graphic design and a good amount of experience in programming as a designer must be able to effectively communicate in programming language with the development team. The general tasks of a web designer include designing the look of the website in terms of color scheme, font presentation, specialized features like responsive design, placement of images and text boxes; ensuring it is overall user-friendly; and working with developers during the building of a website’s framework. Additionally, as coding issues arise that prevent the execution of a specific aspect of a client’s vision or the original plan design, it’s the web designer that often offers an innovative solution that solves a development/design problem while pleasing the client with an exciting new feature.

It takes a solid understanding of each phase of website design and development to be the architect or web designer, so trusting the important job of designing your website to a specialist will assist in your vision being executed properly. At CyberInk of Erie, PA, our team of talented web designers and dedicated web developers work together seamlessly to achieve client satisfaction and efficiently creating, designing and building websites for clients in a multitude of industries. Schedule an initial consultation with the CyberInk web solutions experts today by calling (814) 878-1915. We are here to turn your dream into a top notch website design without you having to do the legwork.


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