The CyberInk staff is growing!

Arin Donelson    December 9, 2013 1:05 pm


Arin Donelson has joined the team as our new Digital Services Project Manager.

Arin, a Franklin, PA native, has called Erie home for the past 15 years, after falling in love with the area while pursuing her degree at Gannon University. Arin is excited to join the CyberInk team, and help manage the company’s social media presence, provide project management support to all digital services clients and streamline some workflow processes.

In a previous life she managed all public communications for a local nonprofit organization and was instrumental in planning/executing one of the largest public celebrations in Erie history that included:

  • A parade in which more than 100,000 attendees witnessed.
  • A series of informational lectures educating the public on the local events surrounding the War of 1812 and the Battle of Lake Erie.
  • The largest gathering of Tall Ships in Erie’s history.
  • The largest coordinated fireworks display in Erie County, covering 4 different viewing sites simultaneously.
  • Social media management with the organization’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Working in continual coordination with a 100-member commission.
  • Editing a publication that was integrated into Erie’s Public Schools elementary history curriculum.

Little known facts about Arin:

  • Growing up, her family raised a rooster in their dining room. His name was “Blacky.”
  • She has never worked with so many redheads before. (Ed. Note: Jeff and Robert only have redbeards, and therefore claim not to be redheads.)
  • It’s a small world:  Robert Frank, our Online Content Producer, is the younger brother of Arin’s college roommate.
  • She’s seen the Backstreet Boys in concert 5 times, 4 of those times as an adult. She’s very proud of this fact, despite the moans and groans from the other CyberInkers sitting near her (Headphones come in handy around here, Arin).
Arin @ BSB concert circa 2011
Arin attending a Backstreet Boys concert in 2011.

We’re happy to have Arin with us!  She can be reached at, 814-878-2230 or via @InsideCyberInk.




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