The Best Way to Use Video to Improve Your Site

CyberInk Staff    August 7, 2015 2:46 pm


At CyberInk, we know that video can improve your site drastically, but videos need to be utilized correctly. For most sites, auto-playing videos will often lead visitors to leave your site the moment the video starts. However, when properly utilized, videos in your website design can make your site more “shareable” and can lead to higher visitor retention.

A few of the best ways to use video to improve your site are:

Creative Blog Posts

best-way-to-use-video-to-improve-your-siteThe immediate video solution is to place videos in your blog post. This can be done to accompany the content on the page. Let’s look at an example:

  • A plumber writes a tutorial on how to unclog a drain.
  • Pictures of the unclogging process are included.

In this case, adding a video seems natural. Visitors want to see the entire process live so that they can follow the guidance of the plumber.

Any time that a video can lead to a more user-friendly experience, it should be used.

Services and Sales

Sometimes, not all of the time, videos can be used to further promote services and sales. Explainer videos are a great example of effective video that can be implemented on a page. These videos are fun and exciting, help keep users on your site and will help the visitor better connect with your service as a need.

Explainer videos:

  • Often create a problem.
  • Explain the pain points of the video’s character.
  • Explain how the company’s solution provides an answer.

Again using the example of a plumber, the video may depict a homeowner that has a broken water heater that is leaking all over the floor. This plays on the pain point of the viewer. A bright idea may suddenly hit the user and they call a professional (the plumber) to have the problem corrected.

The video would then depict a happy homeowner that sleeps well at night knowing their water heater is functioning properly.

The end of the video may show the plumber’s information and the services he or she offers.

Brand Exposure and SEO

Video can be used on-site as well as off-site. For example, you may create a great video that your readers will simply love. This video is so good that you share it on YouTube and other video platforms as well.

The video goes viral.

This video would have succeeded in:

  • Boosting your brand’s exposure.
  • Building links to your website for SEO purposes.

You can even choose to use the video for video marketing where you concentrate your efforts on marketing the video. After all, videos have a much higher “sticky” rate among viewers than a normal blog post.

Videos that are used to enhance the user experience should be utilized on your site.


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