Making a Blog the Right Way in WordPress

CyberInk Staff    August 31, 2015 12:28 pm


Some online resources will tell you that you can have your own blog in no time at all by simply setting up an account and jumping right in, but fail to provide you with detailed steps on how to accomplish it. Others will provide the steps, but either oversimplify it or complicate matters with HTML and CSS language that you don’t understand. At CyberInk, we strive to educate our clients on what they can expect when they create their own blog and how we can help them improve it or create it ourselves and save them the headache. To get you started on the road to blogging, let us guide you in making a blog the right way in WordPress.

making-a-blog-the-right-wayFirst, decide whether you want to go with or Didn’t you know you have a choice? Countless unsuspecting bloggers hear of WordPress, not realizing there are two distinct options. may limit what you can achieve with the look and capability of your blog, but it is easier for a novice to create and doesn’t require you to secure hosting services as it is free. On the flip side, with, your blog will definitely stand out among the swarms of other blogs, but you will need some coding background to really get the most out of it.

Once you make your decision on which to use, you can set up an account. provides hosting, so you can get started by purchasing a domain for $15/yr. or use the one provided by WordPress and then create your blog with the easy-to-use templates and plugins available. If you go with, you will need to find and secure hosting with a provider. Hosting services at CyberInk begin at $45/mo. However, when it comes to designing your blog, you will likely struggle with understanding and writing the computer language needed to create your blog pages.

In the end, you should go with if you are going to make your blog the right way. Trusting its construction to the team at CyberInk will ensure your blog doesn’t look like every other blog on the internet, which is what typically happens when a blog is created with

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WordPress blogs can end up looking like any old, ordinary blog, if not done right. When you work with CyberInk of Erie, PA, you will have a blog designed for you that doesn’t look like a “blog”. It will look like a high quality website when we deliver it to you. Contact our staff of web professionals today by calling (814) 878-1915 to discover how CyberInk can help you with your dreams of having an attractive blog that converts visitors into followers!


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