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Abby Ashton    October 11, 2013 3:52 pm


 Best Practices in Digital Marketing Seminar Overview

CyberInk hosted a Best Practices in Digital Marketing Seminar on October 9th and 10th to several businesses within the local area and throughout. Steve Weaver spoke on the tools and importance of marketing a business through social media, blogging, SEO etc.  He focused on five main areas:


Why Social Media?

Steve started out the seminar by acknowledging the importance of utilizing the tools available through social media outlets to improve any business rankings within Google. He stated, “If you have a Twitter account or Facebook account, even if you don’t post, your website ranking will rise in Google.” Steve also hit on the significance of linking every social media tool that is being utilized to the business website itself; providing a user experience that is direct and easily navigated. Additional tools that are not necessarily used the most were also touched upon. Weaver gave his opinions on Pinterest and FourSquare stating, “ Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social network in the U.S. in terms of traffic and should not be forgotten, additionally in four years Foursquare will be the medium for receiving coupons and will  replace receiving any offers from direct mail.” He ended the section by stating, “Focus on the right tools for your business, whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. This will increase your web ranking and your audience interaction.”


Why SEO?

Weaver posed an important question to the audience before even beginning the SEO segment of the presentation asking, “Why have a website if your target audience can’t find you?” He went on to emphasize the importance of having a successful SEO campaign established so that when the potential customer is searching for a product related to the business, they are the choice the user will see and pick. He explained that the website should be placed in the top rankings when a Google Search is performed,  “SEO is an ongoing process and is best when combined with SEM to deliver the most results,” Weaver explained. The only secret formula is hard work and constantly paying attention to your website grade and digital marketing presence.”



The importance of creating and publishing a blog consistently was a subject that many of our attendees were surprised to hear. Steve started the discussion by acknowledging the fact that a well managed blog will create new leads for businesses. “By utilizing a blog properly you can double your leads. A blog can be seen as a step above SEO in terms of importance,” he explained. You will be penalized if your business does not have one.”  An additional tip that was presented to the attendees was the functionality within the publishing platform WordPress which can be used to easily produce and manage a blog.


Why Mobile?

As Steve began his presentation on mobile, the first thing that was asked of the attendees was to pull up their website on any mobile device.  This was done not only to acknowledge the importance of having a business website that is mobile-optimized but to see how many businesses actually had a mobile site developed. Results: a few business websites were not available on a mobile device or were visually unappealing. To emphasize the importance of a mobile-optimized site Weaver explained, “The amount of time and money people are spending on mobile devices is growing rapidly and will not stop. Companies who utilize this tool are known to perform better than those that don’t.”


Understanding Your Website and Digital Marketing Strategy

Steve concluded the seminar by conveying the importance of having a clear-cut strategy when deciding on what path to take.  Weaver told the audience, “Your strategy needs to be built to drive results and you want to give your website the tools it needs to drive results for you, help it help you.” In order to know if a website is providing results, Steve emphasized the point of the attendees grading their business website and provided a few tools to do so. He went on to say, “You always have to stay current, test your website and have a clear strategy in place.”


The Digital Marketing Seminar was a huge success. Steve Weaver sent the attendees away with a deeper understanding of the importance of having a digital marketing strategy and the tools available to them.


A few responses:

  • “I didn’t understand how important it was to rank high in Google Search, the seminar opened my eyes.”
  •  “I didn’t know how blogging affected SEO, it made me think.”
  •  “I was pleasantly surprised to find out WordPress has a built-in blog. Now I know the ability is there.”
  •  “I have to get more active with Facebook, we have a website, we have a Facebook page, but I never realized my involvement was measured.”


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