How to Get the Most Information from Google Analytics

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Setting up a Google Analytics account and merely placing the code on your website isn’t going to provide you with the utmost information. Instead, small tweaks will allow you to:

  • Have a clear path of your visitor’s behavior
  • Optimize lackluster pages
  • Optimize conversion rates

The more that you can make Analytics refined to your site’s needs, the better. The following tweaks will allow you to get the most information from Google Analytics:

1. Create Goals

Every website should have goals. Goals allow you to make site changes to maximize profits and reduce user bounce rates. Google makes it easy to do this. Simply:

  • Go to admin
  • Click goals
  • Click new goal

Using Google’s own templates, you’ll be able to monitor your goals and most importantly, your conversion rates.

2. Create Custom Dashboard

how to get the most from google analtyicsSpending time navigating through your Analytics is a waste of time. Instead, you can setup custom dashboards that show you all the information you want to see quickly and easily – minus endless navigating.

You can have up to 20 dashboards.

Create your dashboards by:

  • Clicking dashboards
  • Clicking new dashboard

Now, you’ll be presented with widgets that you can use to create your own dashboard so that you have a customized, high-level view of your site’s most important data points.

3. Set Alerts

Alerts are often overlooked because they’re simple in nature, but they’re very powerful. You can setup alerts to:

  • Notify you of new orders
  • Notify you of dropped traffic or changed traffic trends

Virtually all data points can have alerts attached that will alert you when triggered. Setup your first alert by:

  • Going to admin
  • Clicking custom alerts
  • Clicking create new alert

From here, you’ll be able to create an alert that is trigged by a user’s behavior. Email and text message alerts are available.

There are several other steps you can take to get the most out of your analytics. A few of the best, most powerful options include:

  • Checking browser differences. Go to > Audience > Technology > Browser. This will allow you to see how your site performs on different browsers.
  • Site speed. By going to Behaviors > Site Speed, you’ll be able to view site-speed issues that may be causing visitors to leave your site.
  • View behavior patterns. Easily see what and when your site’s visitors are performing actions. This can be done by going to Behavior > Behavior Flow.

Familiarizing yourself with Google Analytics will allow you to have a full overview on your site based on vital data points.


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