How to Create a New Page in WordPress

CyberInk Staff    September 4, 2015 12:28 pm


WordPress has increasingly become the go-to online spot for website creation. It offers many free and inexpensive features with various membership and hosting levels that can result in a professional looking website, if it done correctly. At CyberInk, we assist many clients with designing and creating or fixing their WordPress-generated website. While certain tasks should be handled by experts, we believe that you, as the website owner, should be able to maintain your website, if you so choose. To assist you with one aspect of maintenance and updating, here is a summary on how to create a new page in WordPress:

  • Go to Settings > Reading > Front page displays, then choose “static page” and select the type pf page you want to create or leave it blank if it to be a “dynamic front page.” The general design of the page should be the same as on the other pages or, depending on the theme you have used, you may be able to adjust it by choosing “Page Attributes” and then clicking on “Templates.”

how-to-create-page-in-wordpressAside from adding a simple static page, creating a custom page requires a baseline of knowledge of HTML and CSS. Essentially, you must know how to give the program detailed instructions in computer language as to how the page should be setup and displayed. Many adventurous individuals have learned enough computer language and read a few tutorials to pull it off adding a custom page. However, it generally takes them a significant amount of time to execute the project, which is filled with extensive and repetitive exercises in trial and error. To add salt to the webpage wound, the page never quite comes out as the person envisioned, so we recommend leaving custom page creation in WordPress to the professionals. Honestly, isn’t your sanity and time worth it to invest a little to get a lot in return?

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