Heartbleed Bug: What You Need To Know

Arin Donelson    April 10, 2014 3:20 pm


The Heartbleed bug has been making news lately, but if you haven’t heard, it’s a vulnerability in OpenSSL software making a risk for possible attacks on their servers.

Open SSL runs the encryption coding for many internet websites, and you are probably using a few of them. This means that for several years, hackers and other malevolent forces could have been spying on your names, passwords, credit card information, emails, etc. However, there haven’t been any reports of any websites actually being compromised this way.

We’ve found two handy tools to let you know which popular websites have been affected. This one by Mashable is in a table format, with websites listed by category. If you’re a Chrome user, you can also install this extension to your browser that will alert you when you’ve landed on a site that runs OpenSSL.

Bottom Line: If you use any of the websites listed in the links, change your password.

Bottom-Bottom Line: Changing your passwords regularly increases your protection against unwanted intrusions.

Below-the-Bottom Line (Under-Line?): Don’t make your password any of these.


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