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CyberInk Staff    March 31, 2015 10:58 am


How to Use Your Website to Increase Your Business’ Search Ranking


With endless results from every conceivable search, it’s paramount that your company focuses on how to increase its search engine rankings. The ultimate goal is, of course, being listed on the first page when a search is conducted that relates to your company’s services. By following proven optimization techniques, you can effectively use your website to increase your business’ search ranking. To get started, here are 6 tips that are employed by the CyberInk experts to ensure that our clients’ websites pack a powerful search engine ranking punch.




4 Tips to Increase Your Business’ Search Ranking

Search engines send out “spiders” to crawl through the accessible pathways of a website. By reviewing your website, search engines assess how “important” a website is and how it relates to keywords.

  1. Images: Every image can be described to search engines by using the, “alternate text” option. It may seem like a confusing string of code, but if you use it correctly it can help with your search ranking.
  2. Title tags: Title tags are the words that title your page to search engines and are extremely important in ranking your pages. If it is long or doesn’t make sense, it will not fare well with the search engines at ranking time. Be sure the title tag directly relates to the page’s content and it is under 60 characters long.
  3. Content: Nowhere is it more true than on a website that “content is king.” Spiders instantly log and analyze the content on your website to determine whether it should be deemed a credible authority on certain keywords and topics. Your website’s code must be clean and properly structured with relevant keywords to increase your business’ search ranking.
  4. Internal links: These are links within your website that lead to other content and/or pages inside of your website. This is an effective tool in keeping potential leads from leaving your website and it can improve your search ranking if it is executed properly.

At CyberInk, our experts are poised to optimize your website using these reliable techniques and many others. Contact our knowledgeable staff today at (814) 878-1915 and allow us the opportunity to show you how your website can improve your business’ online visibility.


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