Are You Using Photos Creatively on Your Site?

CyberInk Staff    August 15, 2015 2:17 pm


using-photos-creativelyIntegrating creatives photos in your website design is a necessity in 2015 and beyond. Imagery can do everything from set the mood of a blog post to helping you land more email subscribers. It’s all about using images creatively to get into the mind of the viewer.

Here are a few ways to use photos creatively on your site from CyberInk.

Starting With Your Blog

Blog posts can always use photos. These photos will:

  • Touch on the viewer’s emotions.
  • Add color and separation to a page.
  • Set the mood for the post.
  • Provide a catchy image displayed on social media sites.

Tax professionals may write a blog post on the struggles of being audited. Audits are scary and no one desires an audit; it’s a frightful event. Using photos creatively, you may:

  • Show a stressed reader in front of the computer with an audit paper in clear view.
  • Add a happy picture as the stressed individual passes the audit to a tax professional.
  • Add a final picture showing that the audit has been closed.

Essentially, you can use your pictures to tell a story and touch on the emotions and pain points of the reader. This is creative and makes the reader think, “maybe I should consult with a tax professional.”

Add Trust and Personality

Many legal professionals will have their own picture on their website; in the header or even in the sidebar. There is nothing stopping you from doing the same. Especially in the service industry, trust and personality are everything.

When a visitor sees your photo, it will immediately:

  • Build trust.
  • Show professionalism.
  • Show personality.

“Hi, I am Andrew and I am here to help you with your personal injury claim.” This is all well and good, but when Andrew’s picture is listed above these words, it forms a level of trust that mere words simply won’t create.

Photos add validation to your words.

This is the right way to add photos to your site creatively. You can do this with anything. You can even have a photo of a person making a call on your contact page to enforce a viewer to call your number or send an email.

Creative photo usage is essential in modern website design, and in the maintenance of a blog or social platform. Take a look at our blog on using video to improve your website.


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