9 Solutions to Common WordPress Problems

CyberInk Staff    August 27, 2015 12:55 pm


2015-08-27_10-52-03WordPress is one of the most popular avenues to creating nearly any kind of website. However, similar to a website built on a different platform, there will be obstacles standing in the way of your website performing at an optimum level. The CyberInk team specializes in website design, which means we have created solutions for a multitude of design and development issues. Here are our 9 solutions to common WordPress problems that we have employed for our clients:

  1. Auto-update failed: In the interest of keeping your website free from pesky problems, WordPress fixes security and virus issues via the auto-update feature. However, if it fails, you can update it manually.
  2. 404 error: You may discover that your pages bounce back a 404 error. A simple fix is to save changes to your permalinks.
  3. 403 error: When you try to navigate your site and see a 403 error, go to your Control Panel, choose Web Options, then Directory Indexes and add index.php.
  4. Syntax error: Incorrectly writing code or adding a plugin or theme can cause a syntax error. If you get locked out, edit your WordPress files through the File Manager in your cPanel of your hosting management account. Go to the source of the error and fix it either by rewriting the code or removing the plugin or theme.
  5. Internal server error: With multiple causes of this problem, it is hard to pinpoint which fix will do the trick. Three possible solutions to an internal server error, include remove new plugins, remove theme, and go to your File Manager and reset to htaccess.old.
  6. Lost your admin login: Login to your cPanel, click on phpMyAdmin and choose WP database. Then, browse your wp_users and change your password.
  7. Dashboard looks odd: If you see cascading titles instead of the normal dashboard layout, update or remove dashboard plugins.
  8. Cannot delete a plugin: Now, that’s a problem, especially if you are trying to delete a plugin to solve another problem. This is an issue that’s best left to professionals of CyberInk, as you need access to your secure shell. If you want to move forward on your own, set your command to your website’s wp-content/plugins/, locate the plugin in the list to find the name and then execute removal with “rm (Folder Name).”
  9. Database connection error: From your File Manager, check that your database and host names and password are correct. If it all looks right, your server might be down, which means it’s time to call your hosting provider. Lastly, if there is no clear explanation, you might have been hacked and the CyberInk technicians can help.

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