7 Ways to Use Google Analytics to Gain More Traffic

CyberInk Staff    June 22, 2015 9:51 am


Gaining traffic is one of the most important aspects of owning a website aside from conversion rates. Using Google Analytics, you can gain more traffic and earn more money as a result. This can be done in numerous ways, here are the seven most effective techniques from CyberInk:

  1. Find what visitors are interested in. Where do visitors land when they go to your site? The most trafficked pages will give you an insight into what kind of content drives traffic to your website so that you can form content based on what visitors want to view.
  2. 2015-06-18_08-19-46Traffic sources. The sites that drive the most traffic to your site can be used to better determine where you should obtain links.
  3. Keyword reports. Running a keyword report will show you what keywords are driving traffic to your site. This will allow you to optimize your SEO strategy around keywords that are profitable and known to convert for your audience.
  4. Flow reports. Through user behavior, we are allowed to see how users flow through your site. This allows you to optimize your site for higher conversions and fill in content gaps that might further boost traffic.
  5. Site speed problems. Google has stated that site speed is a major factor used for search rankings. Using Analytics, you’ll be able to optimize slow pages to help boost your site’s keyword rankings.
  6. Mobile optimization. More people are using mobile devices to browse the web than the personal computer. Google Analytics allows you to see how many visits you are getting from mobile devices and what devices your visitors are using.
  7. Exiting points. Users that bounce off of a site quickly are not finding the answers to their problems. Analytics will allow you to find underperforming pages that need to be tweaked for optimal traffic conversions.

Once visitors are on your site, you’ll want to use Google Analytics to optimize your pages. Through optimization, you’ll boost conversion rates while lowering bounce rates.


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